Thursday, November 15, 2007

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclodepia, a blog is a website where entries are posted in chronological order, but displayed in reverse chronological order and can be made up of important facts or personal "diary" entries, which can be argued as important information or TMI. The word 'blog' is a portmanteau, which means that two or more words are combined or fused together to create a new word. I hear the German language does that a lot. Props to the Germans. No need to create new words. Lets just put words we all ready have together. Much less effort on creating words, if you ask me. I personally like using 'comediately.' It means you have done something funny, but in a hurried manner. "It was done comediately." Or, 'smarcastic.' This means that something was not only sarcastic, but smart assed as well. "That was a smarcastic remark." Other keeper is 'shnot.' This means that it was like shit and snot all at the same time. "The sidewalk is slicker than shnot!" Kids are a great source of portmanteaus or other uses of words. I like 'eyelooking.' It is a spyglass. "That man has an eyelooking." That was an actual sentence used by a three year old.

Blogs are interesting. I have not been one to frequent, or ever look at, them, but am learning about them and hopefully will come up with something interesting to use this blog for. Until then, I'll continue to write things that don't make any sense whatsoever, but will help me learn a little more about the web and, we all may argue, is the true meaning of a blog.

Thank you.

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