Thursday, January 10, 2008

You might need glasses if...

I design with 11pt fonts!! Oops. I just learned a valuable lesson. Print is not web. Wed design requires a larger point size... better yet, it requires a larger pixel size. Designing with 11pt fonts requires the user to get out his or her glasses and then become frustrated and leave the site. That is not a good thing. I need to pay attention to my point... er... pixel size and my leading for the best readability on the web. 14, I was told, is a good pixel size to use for copy on a web page. That seems totally large to me, but my mind is more on the print design then on the web end of things.

I have a tendency to design more geometrically than flowy or unique in shapes. I am trying to learn to think in a different realm then I am used to. My favorite art/design movement is Russian Constructivism. I enjoy this movement not only for the art and design elements, but for the politics as well. Moving along, because I enjoy this movement, I tend to design with those elements found in the movement. Geometric in thought and production. I would like to learn to see in the way a fellow classmate sees. His designs are always different and unique. I do not understand how he can come up with all these designs that look so completely different while I have every design so... blah in a sense. Someone commented on one of my designs saying, "It looks like a cat peed on it." Now, he meant that as the color yellow, which wasn't used anywhere else in the site other than in the roll over of the navigation, looked foreign and out of place, but it sums up how I feel about my design work. I need more practice. I need to research more. I need help. I love having the feedback and hope to grow in my design and have less sites look as if some carbon based mammal urinated all over my work... Blue will be the new yellow. I hate yellow. I'm done with it. I'm so totally over it that it's just super crazy.

And scene.

Next week: Confidence in my work!!

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