Thursday, December 6, 2007

Good Will and the never ending need for more...

According to NPR, Good Will, which is a company whose purpose is to create jobs, but whose name is synonymous with clothing, has realized the power of vintage clothing. They have buyers who go out to other used clothes sellers and buy vintage clothing. Then they turn around and sell it on Ebay. A 1970s suit found by Good Will was sold on Ebay for over $100, but was purchased at under $12. Let's face it, vintage sells and so does Ebay. Good Will has discovered that they can draw untapped revenue from the internet. This not only includes auctions from such popular sites as Ebay, but it includes blogs. Yes, that's right. Good Will has a fashion blog on Blogger. I do not know the URL of this particular blog, but they keep it up to date. I find it interesting that a used goods store such as Good Will who usually sells to the less fortunate and the collector has a blog about fashion. That is really cool. My goal now is to create a blog that is actually useful and means something to me other than talking about what I heard on NPR, though I now notice so much about website and blog stories on NPR that I probably wouldn't really have thought about before. So, that's cool too.

I have been looking at domain names for my portfolio. I have come up with the name and a design that I am happy with, but I have had the unfortunate experience of discovering that my name has not only been taking by someone, but that that person doesn't design well. They are totally misusing my idea! My name for myself is driven by URL possibilities and not by what I think truly speaks to me. I want my URL to match my name. That's super important. So, I'm still looking... *sigh*

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